Mobile Light Infantry Militia

Level 1 Gear

If Level 1 training or qualifying is planned for a FTX, each member will bring all of the items listed below:

1. Rifle and 100 rounds minimum.

2. Cleaning kit for above rifle.

3. One 1 quart canteen with cup and cover.

4. Minimum of 2 pairs (pants/shirt) of BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) and 1 M65 field jacket w/liner.  Woodland pattern is preferred, but any other dark woodland type patterns are ok.  Please stay away from the ACU/MARPAT pattern.

5. Suitable leather boots (combat/hiking) for the training climate and terrain.  No tennis shoes.

6. First aid kit.

7. Suitable LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) to carry above items. Typically a butt pack, web belt, and suspenders are all that are needed.



Depending on what time of year you qualify, you may have extra items (winter = gloves/thermals/snow boots/ski mask) to be comfortable.

1. Complete a 2 mile hike with ALL your gear (minus extra shirt/pants) within 40 minutes.

2. Field strip and clean your rifle.

3. Place 8 out of 10 shots on a standard 9 inch paper plate at 100 yards with your own rifle.


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