Mobile Light Infantry Militia

Operation Soggy Sock

 Date:4/27 - 4/28/2012

Location: Camp Olivet

Conditions: Overcast Friday high 50 low 34. Overcast, 44, and light sleet/rain Saturday.

Members present: Gator, Mastiff, Mrs. Mastiff, Wolf, Ace, Tiger Trap, and J-Bird


 Our first Spring outing of 2012 was awesome.  Most of us got our sleeping areas set up around 1900 and the fire going.


 The road to the camp.  A new camera is on the wish list.



 The Mule

 Getting back to the camp location was not all the hard.  But having a 4x4 made it a little easier.


The "over the fire" coffee maker was the life blood of the outing.

The D5 24 hour sentry.....a Bull Mastiff. Cleans up dropped pecan rolls (and whatever else hits the ground) rather well too.  

  Tiger stripe camo works rather well and blends in good with woodland pattern.



 There were some of us that pushed "roughing it" to new limits and really knew how to make a breakfast. Eggs, pork loins, and hash browns, would put to shame a Denny's menu.  Way to go Mastiff! 

 Make shift latrine.

  Without even being asked, some individuals were thinking ahead (and of others) and brought what they thought was needed.  It worked great was needed.


Motel 6

 The poncho used as a cover is actually great camouflage and, if conditions are right, quick to set up and take down. In addition to being light weight, you have visibility 360 degrees upon waking up without having to move much.


 The Best Western

  Another lightweight and efficient late Spring to mid Fall design using a poncho, branches, and para-cord. Just keep your feet in if it starts to rain.

The Red Roof Inn

 The USGI canvas pup tent is still a great way to go for shelter.  It's designed for 2 people with each man carrying a tent half and 3 poles.  We had sleet mid-morning Saturday and, with a good soaking prior with waterproofing, the sleet/water slid right off.  Waterproofing is a must.  With a USGI extreme cold weather bag, it was toasty.  Canvas is durable and insulates well year round.  Wood poles have no temperature limit and can go from -100 (more?) to almost catching fire.  These tents are limited for room, can get a little toasty in the summer (if pitched in the sun), and has no floor or screened windows.  Leaving a gap around the edges helps ventilation but not mosquito's. To keep your gear dry and clean, a ground mat or tarp is a must have year round.


 The Holiday Inn

  This design offers a lot of room, has a floor, screened windows, fairly waterproof (if treated) and is lightweight.  UV rays and heat (if not in the shade) will limit the life to 3 or 4 years.  If left out in the sun all the time....2 years or less.  Care must be taken with the fiberglass poles if used in extreme heat/cold.


The Hyatt Regency

Need I say more?


 The land nav outing took us through some pretty rough terrain.  The course path had to be altered due to a swamp that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere from recent rains. We will do the land nav again later in the year. The storm from May 2011 left us plenty of wood.  We could be back there for 5 years and never run out.





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